Right in the heart of Aberdeen’s famous Union Street, the Music Hall has been at the centre of Aberdeen’s arts and social scene for more than 150 years. Originally built as assembly rooms for the wealthy and upper-classes, the Music Hall was expanded and its grand auditorium built to encourage the great artists of the Victorian age to travel north.  It has been the premier venue in the north of Scotland for orchestras, ensembles and choirs ever since.

But it is not just the finest classical musicians who have performed in the Music Hall’s magnificent auditorium. From its conception, the extended venue was intended to provide entertainment which would appeal to all classes, and while the general public’s tastes have changed  with the times, so has the Music Hall’s programme.  Through the years, the venue has played host to some of the finest entertainers in the world, from right across the globe.

Today the venue still provides the mix of entertainment the public demands, from classical and popular music through comedians to psychic mediums.  You are sure to find something to your taste on the extensive year-round programme.