Launched in July 2009, Amazing Radio is the world's only DAB
and internet radio station dedicated to finding and playing the best
in emerging, independent music.
All of the music played on Amazing Radio is sourced through and boasts a playlist created through organic
fan engagement, with a repertoire of songs uploaded by artists
Once an artist uploads their track onto, the
song can be bought, tagged, recommended, playlisted and rated
by other users. The ethical download policy
ensures that the musicians retain ownership of their songs and
receive 70% of the revenues generated from selling their tracks at
79p per download.
The Amazing Radio team, managed by ex-BBC Head of Music
Entertainment Trevor Dann, pride themselves on being incredibly
passionate about music, determined to break the mould and help
new and emerging artists get national radio airplay.
With a truly ground-breaking model for the future of broadcast,
Amazing Radio is the default platform for fans looking to discover
the best new music and artists looking to find their audience.
Recent Press
“A revolution, the end of the closed shop.” THE SUNDAY TIMES
“Truly the people’s station.” THE GUARDIAN
“Nobly democratic.” TIME OUT
“A brilliant application of social media strategies to the broadcast
world.” NAB
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